Carhartt Editorial F/W 17

Detroit based institution Carhartt is a primitive rock when it comes to workwear. As so often it was due to subcultures that brands got misued and found their way into streetwear. In order to stay true to its roots but still being able to respond to the ever-growing streetwear scenes’ demand, Carhartt launched Lifestyle Line „Work in Progress“ in 1989.

Carhartt WIP is like your younger, hot sister hanging around with the cool kids while you are already hustling at your nine to five job. Even though there is nothing wrong with that, deep down inside you still want to be like her. Work in Progress stands for modified and contemporary fashion targeting like-minded people emphasising quality and design.

Since „work in progress“ stands for something that isn’t finished yet, for us it was more than clear to take the shooting to a construction site transporting the brands origins. With clear minds and dirty shoes we shot an editorial for Carhartt wip’s Fall/Winter Collection, which is now available In-Store and Online.

Next to its iconic script tees, the collection contains Hoodies, lumberjack shirts, well known Sid Pants and Taylor Pants.