Helly Hansen Editorial F/W2017

Bold Logo Prints, Retro Designs and Neon colours – The 90’s are back, more than ever, and everybody with a minimum understanding of contemporary trends in fashion will have come across the puffy jackets with the double H/H Logo lately.

In 1877 traditional Helly Hansen brand was founded in Norway from sailor Helly Juell Hansen. His unique feature, applying linseed oil to jackets in order to make them more resistant to wind and water, made him stay ahead of his competitors.

In the 90s when Hip Hop still used to take place on the streets the community was on the lookout for fabrics that kept them protected from the elements and embraced Helly Hansen like no other. Realising the benefits from that, the brand deliberately targeted this market by using testimonials like Mobb Deep, Luniz, Redman and Funkmaster Flex.

Once again it was Hip Hop that influenced the origins of the brand and made them conquer a market that they actually never have set sail to. Berlin Fall approved these jackets have stood up to german weather pretty well and are now available In-Store only. Go get yourself that puffy goodness and pay homage to the 90s right now.