It was in November 1991, when Architect Graduates Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman opened up the very first X-Large Store in the neighbourhood of Los Feliz in downtown Los Angeles. The store was spreading the former LA nineties vibe into the world and soon gained recognition from very diverse communities and personalities.

While New York City street culture was shaped by Graffiti and Hip Hop the west coast capital was more about skateboarding and music. This is the cultural identity of X-Large, representing “utilitarian wear as fashion“ and creating a style by blending the music, art and skateboarding culture. Ever Since the gorilla logo was established as one of the leading streetwear brands from overseas.

For their Spring/Summer ’18 Collection X-Large sticks to its roots and presents bold graphic prints and flamboyant colours on a variety of essentials such as T-Shirts, Hoodies and Anoraks. X-Large is the newest member to the MATE Family and we are glad to have them on board.